Using computerized knitting technology to design garments which enhance the way your body moves.

compression levels

The science of compression meets the beauty of Body Engineered® seamless. We’ve simplified our compression levels by offering three levels of support across five sizes.


Feels just like a comfortable second skin and fits true to size.


The perfect balance of comfort and support to enhance performance. The fit is snug and looks one size smaller on the hanger.


Maximizes muscle support and oxygen delivery for the ultimate in hold performance. The fit hugs your figure and looks one to two sizes smaller on the hanger.

light compression:
Just like a second skin

Moderate compression:
Comfort and Support

High compression:
For muscle support

WHY seamless?

Seamless garments are different in their DNA. We use computer aided design and superior construction to produce unique garments using the following attribrutes:


The waistband of NUX’s seamless leggings are body engineered. Unlike most leggings, which are expected to stay in place by a simple elastic sewn in the band, NUX’s elastic is knitted throughout the band to avoid ‘muffin top’. Our variegated ribbing throughout the waistbands provides higher support and eliminates that annoying gaping when bending over.


Your leggings will never fade or crack because the patterns are knitted in as part of the DNA of the garment. In fact, they improve with every wash!


We use a variety of ribs to provide extra support and compression to enhance the garment for that perfect styling and fit.


Our mesh is beautiful and practical. We use the highest quality nylon yarns with the softest hand-feel to create intricate open mesh that breathes with you.