Seamless Bra

No more compromising fashion for functionality. Our seamless active bras seamlessly marry style with support


Why settle for anything less than extraordinary? Elevate your exercise routine with seamless active leggings.


Experience the luxurious comfort and confidence that comes with our outerwear.

Sweats + Jogger

Elevate your comfort and style with our range of luxurious sweatpants and joggers


Spring 2024 Collection

Step into the season with our captivating Spring 2024 collection, where every piece tells a story of renewal and vibrancy.

Our Body Engineered®

Hey there, NUX fam! We have some explainig to do. You might have seen on our products Body Engineering®, this is a phrase you will not see with any other brand.

People + Planet

At NUX, we believe in making a positive impact on both People and Planet. With our Willow Collection, we have taken a big step towards reclaiming our future on this beautiful planet.