As summer 2024 unfolds, we are thrilled to introduce our new collection, inspired by the vibrant energy and dynamic spirit.

Our aim is to create lifestyle and activewear that not only supports your fitness journey but also complements your unique style. This season, we’ve focused on combining innovation with elegance, resulting in pieces that are as functional as they are fashionable.

At the heart of our Summer 2024 Collection is the Performance Seamless Set

featuring the Mesh Up Crop and Double Up Legging. Crafted with Body Engineered® mesh, these pieces offer unparalleled breathability and flexibility, allowing you to move with ease and confidence. Whether you're hitting the gym or enjoying an outdoor workout, this set adapts to your every move, ensuring maximum comfort and performance.

We’ve also introduced soft, lightweight cover-ups made from luxurious bamboo fabrication.

These pieces are perfect for layering, providing you with a versatile wardrobe that transitions effortlessly from your workout to casual outings. The natural bamboo fibers are not only incredibly soft against your skin but also environmentally friendly, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Our color palette for this collection is inspired by the vibrant hues of summer.

Feel invigorated with Lime, embrace the boldness of Hibiscus, exude regality with Royal Grape, and find tranquility in Sky Grey. Each color is chosen to reflect the different facets of your personality, empowering you to express yourself freely and boldly.

This collection is designed for women who refuse to compromise on quality, style or performance.

It’s for those who embrace challenges, seek adventure, and inspire others with their determination and grace. We hope these pieces will become your go-to favorites, enhancing not only your workouts but also your everyday life.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of summer with our Summer 2024 Collection.

Elevate your style, enhance your performance, and embrace the vibrant energy of the season. Shop now and discover the perfect blend of innovation, comfort, and style.