Waistbands: The Unsung Hero


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These days, activewear comes in so many different styles and functionalities, it’s hard to know which pieces are best for you. There’s so much to pay attention to from the look and fit, of course, but performance is also equally as important. So, where do you find the perfect leggings that hit the jackpot on these three pieces of crucial criteria? 

Before you give up your search for the pair of leggings, what if I told you that you no longer have to choose between style, fit and functionality. With NUX, you really can have it all (seriously!).

Our seamless knitting technology is what separates NUX from the other activewear brands.



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Not only do our size specific knitting machines create ultra soft, compression leggings, but they are also responsible for our body engineered seamless waistbands. How do our waistbands stand out among the rest? Instead of stitching a single piece of elastic at the top of the waistband like so many other activewear brands, our elastic is knitted throughout the entire waistband. 

So, what does this mean for you?

It means you can officially say goodbye (and good riddance) to muffin tops! Our body engineered seamless leggings (waistband included) hug the tummy, booty and legs in all the right places, creating a smooth and even texture that shows off those beautiful curves rather than squeezing them to suffocation. 

All of our leggings come in sizes small, medium and large. By offering three sizes as opposed to two like other fitness apparel brands, we assure a better fit for a wider range of body shapes. While our sizes show our commitment to delivering fashion forward activewear for everyBODY, our variety of waistbands help us get the job done. Because no two bodies are the same (thank god!), we have created four different types of waistbands to match these diverse body shapes, as well as the different activities that they perform. 




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Ideal for lighter activities such as hiking or yoga, this band literally has no seams. None. Nada. Zip. You can absolutely forget about annoying seams that chafe during your Vinyasa flow because the leggings in their entirety (waistband included) are knitted circularly with one single tube. 




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This waistband, though cut in a V shape, also boasts an excellent hold with the elastic knitted throughout the band. The V shape not only adds a unique style, but it also hugs the hips just right, preventing them from shifting throughout your workout. This one is definitely a must if long runs or weight lifting are your go-to workouts. 




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With all these waistbands, you can say goodbye to muffin tops and pulling up your leggings mid-workout. When you buy a pair of NUX leggings, you’re welcoming buttery soft, body hugging and compression support into your life. And, trust us, once you try on our distinct waistbands, you’ll understand why they make all the difference.




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