Hand Dyed

Hola! I am Carolina, NUX Activewear’s production manager and comic relief. Over the years, I have learned the in’s and out’s of NUX’s hand dying process first hand. I first started my career with NUX in the trimming department, then moved to working in the warehouse and, now, I hold the role as production manager.

"By now, I know the process like the back of my hand!"


Each item is knitted individually on our size specific seamless knitting machines. Since the pieces come out undyed, we then move them to our dye house, which is in the same neighborhood as our LA office, where they are each uniquely hand dyed. Each garment, no matter the style, is always hand dyed, which makes no two NUX pieces identical. When you shop NUX, you are always getting a unique piece. Even our tie dyed pieces go through their own individual hand-twisted process to get their one-of-a-kind pattern.

Cross-Over Bra
CJ Legging

We have offered unique hand-dyed seamless garments since the very beginning of NUX, way back in 2008 when I first started working in the trimming department. I’ve seen the evolution of NUX’s dye techniques that make every seasonal line better than the next, from bamboo dyes and crystal dyes, to mineral washes and waterfall techniques.

Cross Over Bra

Cross Over Bra in
Black Charcoal Bamboo Dye

CJ Legging

CJ Legging in Crown Blue Crystal Dye

One by One

One by One set in Poppy

Be Free Tank

Be Free Tank in Slate Waterfall Wash

Hand Dye

Our famous mineral washes - like our best selling One By One set that is smoother than butter on toast - goes through a similarly unique dye process. While slightly subtler, each of our mineral wash garments goes through their own hand-dyed process, making each piece paired with their own dye pattern.

Our hand dyed garments are only one of NUX’s proud traits.

Our knitting machines, trimmers, warehouse and dye house are all local in LA, meaning everything NUX sells in made right here in the US--no importing pollution and no unfair wages.
When you buy NUX, you are not only buying a unique garment every time, but you are also buying ethically sourced fashion made by American workers--workers like me, workers like your neighbor and workers who are proud to call this their job.

Dye Worker