California Nirvana

Like a lot of Los Angelenos, I am a transplant. Whether it be the year round sunshine, the lights of the city or the relaxed bustle, people flock here. For me, I have always been struck by the landscape and proximity to nature. The desert tones, open blue skies and golden sunsets.

"The palette of LA is like no other."

Enter Spring 19, which was inspired by the earthiness of LA with just a hint of the bright city lights. The collection speaks to the incredible washed back colors that we are lucky enough to see daily - washed nudes, sky blues, soft grey stone and white clouds - they are truly the pillars of the collection. The NUX woman has her basic black but she isn’t afraid to show her fierce femininity, so we created a camo print that is individual and has a little punch, we mixed our nudes with a neon green because some days we just want to blend in, but some days we want the world to know! Am I right?


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Fundamentals bra + Triple Threat Legging in White

This collection we focused on the small details; high waist leggings having shaped bands, to cinch the waist and fit to your curves, our jacquards which are synonymous with NUX became tonal and wearable, our essentials collection works with the fashion pieces and the athleisure styles are chic with a hint of cool. Our seasonal print is a fresh camo that feels like the ocean than the forest and has hints of that neutral palette to work it into the collection.

Malibu was the setting for our look book shoot, a location with an earthy texture and clean lines perched above the ocean with blue skies as far as the eye could see - to me, Californian nirvana. The perfect location for the collection. Sarah and Stevie (our models) were incredible and emulated the soft yet strong undertone of the collection. We are lucky enough to have created a very special team to shoot our collections, more like a family.

Earthy Textures

"With an earthy texture and clean lines perched above the ocean with blue skies as far as the eye could see - to me, California nirvana."

This may sound like a very personal explanation for the collections’ inspiration and that is because it is. I put a part of myself into each collection and each shoot, we have a small team and we aren’t just colleagues we are friends.

Spring 19 is about being who you want to be. We are good girls gone bad, bad girls gone good and everything in between. Through playing with tones from earthy neutrals to bold color, we embrace every part of ourselves.

The shy, the wild, the humble, the spirited. We are free to lean in to the mood of the moment, and we won’t apologize for it. Let the color be your cue.

- "Let the color be your cue."

Triple Threat Set in Black



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