Impetus of NUX

Anyone who truly knows me knows two things I often say:

I'm convinced women are the superior gender, and my wife is the most capable person I know.

Malek and Frankie

When I started NUX in 2007 I had already been married to Frankie, a beautiful and intelligent woman, for 10 years. As a testament to being an exemplary student all her life, she was also the youngest graduate of her UCLA Dental School class. Yet shortly after having kids, she selflessly deferred all of her training, hard work, and professional ambitions to raise our children. It quickly occurred to me that this tough and admirable decision is made by women all over the world on a daily basis.

I created NUX to produce a line of clothing that mirrored the contemporary woman’s lifestyle–one much like Frankie’s. NUX is made for women who take on the world with grace and intention while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Most importantly, it was made for a woman to feel beautiful and comfortable in her clothing even when she doesn’t have the time to think about what she is wearing. As she moves through the course of her day going from the gym, to a meeting, to the grocery store, and to after-school pick-up, Frankie–and all other busy women like her–looks and feels elegant and relaxed when wearing NUX. Bloggers soon deemed NUX the “lunge to lunch” brand before they coined the term “athleisure.”


Throughout the twenty three years of our marriage, Frankie has given me insight to the unfair pressures placed on women by society. From careers and workplace discrimination, to unrealistic beauty standards and giving up everything for the sake of bearing children, women are constantly overcoming the obstacles of society. And, yet somehow, they confront life with a beauty in attitude and an ease that manages to accomplish what they and others in their life need without any attachment to praise.

Malek's Family

Now that my daughter is almost nineteen, I find myself contemplating what it means to be a woman in today’s world more than ever. As I watch with amazement how my wife and daughter greet life with passion and excitement, it makes me proud of them, and my decision and direction of NUX.

Just like Frankie–who now runs a thriving dental practice in the Brentwood neighborhood of West LA–women from across the world are facing these challenges with grace, surpassing society’s expectations and most importantly, living unapologetically!

With respect,

Malek Neman