sweat wicking clothing It's common knowledge that the more active you are, the more physically fit you are. This is why so many women across America are picking up jogging or running routines. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans could cut annual medical costs in the United States by more than $70 billion by being more physically active.

A Quality Sports Bra
One of the most important things a woman can buy for her running gear is a quality sports bra. Running without one can actually hurt, and can stretch out breast tissue over time. The best sports bra for running is going to be supportive but not constricting and made of a breathable material. If you think you're going to lose a lot of weight and go down a couple sizes, look for adjustable sports bras since fit is the most important thing here.

Sweat Wicking Clothing
About 70% of respondents said in a survey that they would pay more for athletic clothing that has moisture absorption benefits. Sweat wicking clothing is good for helping you stay dry even when you're a few miles in, but also acts as a way to help you control your temperature. Look for moisture wicking tops and leggings especially. About 93% of people wear their athletic clothing to do things other than work out, so if you're one of them consider looking for something fashionable.

The Right Shoes
Running clothes for women are an important part of a workout wardrobe, but when it comes to running you also need to find the right shoes. Find the right fit, width, and arch support for your feet, since wearing the wrong shoes can actually be painful and can keep you from having the best running workout you can.

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